pe al pe pipe for gas

pe al pe pipe for gas

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medium layer of aluminum plastic composite pipe is welded aluminum band and inner and external layers are all made of polyethylene.special-purpose hot melting adhesive is used and extrusion molding method is adopted for composite of pipe.pressure resistance of metal pipe and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe are combined together on the pipe.

2.aluminum plastic composite pipe mainly have the following features

1 have the strength equal to metal pipe and tends to be bended without bounce. 2resistance to high temperature high pressure corrosion with excellent performance 3inner wall of the pipe is smooth thus resistance to fluid transportation is small.capacity of fluid transportation is superior to metal pipe of the same diameter by 30 4property of fire retardation 5good performance of heat insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.45w/m which is smaller than that of metal pipe by far.thus heat insulation material outside the pipe may be saved 6be convenience for cutting and construction.special-purpose fitting connection may be used instead of threading.pipe of small diameter is supplied in roll.the length of pipe may be determined at will and pipe may be bended at will.thus bend and pipe fitting are unnecessary which is convenience for construction.therefore labor cost can be reduced and time limit for the project would be shortened 7 service life may reach above 50 years 8 light weight which is approximately one tenth of galvanized pipe thus carriage cost can be economized and cost be reduced 9 have an effect of electromagnetic shielding 10 can be directly buried under ground and metal detector can be used to detect position of the pipe 11 oxygen would be absolutely isolated due to utilization of aluminum core thus bacterial reproduction is prevented.

3.major technical indiors of aluminum plastic composite pipe

thermal conductivity 0.45w/mk coefficient of thermal expansion 0.025 mm/mk bending radius ge5d d refers to outer diameter of pipe medium temperature -4095℃ gas oxygen permeability 0 inner wall of pipe smooth small fluid resistance and roughness is 0.0004mm others good performance of antistatic long service life

4. major technical indiors of pe-al-pe pipe for gas

production specifiion burstmpa packingm/cn cartonsizemm m3 weightkg

pe-al-pe for gaspn 1.0 mpa tmax= 40℃

1014qyellow ge7.0 200 650210650 0.097 17.50 1216qyellow ge6.0 200 720210720 0.110 22.00 1418qyellow ge5.0 200 800210810 0.134 24.00 1620qyellow ge5.0 200 825210825 0.142 29.40 2025qyellow ge4.0 100 825210825 0.142 22.30 2632qyellow ge4.0 100 10002501000 0.250 33.00 3240qyellow ge4.0 54=69pcs 1301306000 0.101 27.00 4150qyellow ge3.8 54=69pcs 1551556000 0.144 47.70 5163qyellow ge3.8 24=64pcs 1301306000 0.101 33.60 6075qyellow ge3.8 24=64pcs 1551556000 0.144 42.40